About W!LD


W!LD is a rock band from Cork Ireland comprised of brothers and multi instrumentalists Louis & Perry Wild.


Since formation in 2010, W!LD have spent their time gigging all over the country, and writing more songs then they will ever need. In 2013 they launched the Song Century Project, a compilation featuring demo recordings of 100 original songs!

After a successful crowd funding campaign, W!LD entered the recording studio to begin work on a more focused collection of songs. The resulting album, titled Down The Rabbit Hole, was released in October 2016.


The brothers have a background in the theatre and consequently their live shows are uniquely explosive. From wearing clothes peg suits to re-enacting the siege of Troy, anything goes as long as it's entertaining and/or against health and safety regulations. No shoes will be stared at!

W!LD write music with a focus on melody and song craft, but they are no strangers to experimentation. Their work is characterized by its attention grabbing dynamics and eyebrow raising left turns.

Their influences include: XTC, Ben Folds Five, Elvis Costello, Interpol, Talk Talk and The Beatles.

W!LD are currently working on their second studio album, due for release in 2020.   

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